World Chess Rapid: Can You Spot Win Topalov Missed Against Carlsen?

After 40. ...gxh5, Topalov played 41.Qxh5 and got a draw. Could he have played differently?

The time factor does strange stuff to chess. Things a GM would not miss in a dream go in a flash. It happened all over the place in Astana these last three days at the World Rapid Chess Championship. Here is a position from the last round between Veselin Topalov and Magnus Carlsen. Can you figure out what the Bulgarian missed at move 41?

Topalov,V (2752) – Carlsen,M (2837)

Result: 1/2-1/2
Site: Astana KAZ
Date: 2012.07.08

[…] 1.¤f3 d5 2.d4 ¤f6 3.c4 c6 4.¤c3 a6 5.e3 ¥f5 6.¥d3 e6 7.¥xf5 exf5 8.£b3 ¦a7 9.¥d2 dxc4 10.£xc4 ¥d6 11.O-O O-O 12.£d3 g6 13.e4 fxe4 14.¤xe4 ¤xe4 15.£xe4 ¤d7 16.¥g5 £a5 17.¦fe1 ¦aa8 18.h3 ¤b6 19.¥h6 ¦fd8 20.¤e5 £d5 21.£h4 ¦e8 22.£f6 ¥f8 23.¥xf8 ¦xf8 24.¤g4 h5 25.¤e5 £d8 26.£f4 ¢g7 27.¦e4 ¤d5 28.£f3 £d6 29.¦ae1 ¦ad8 30.a3 £c7 31.¤d3 ¦d6 32.¤c5 a5 33.£g3 ¦fd8 34.¦e5 b6 35.¤e4 ¦6d7 36.¤g5 £d6 37.¤e4 £c7 38.£f3 c5 39.¤g3 h4 40.¤h5+ gxh5 41.£xh5

(41.¦g5+ ¢f8 42.£xh5 £h2+ 43.¢xh2 ¤e3 44.¦xe3 f6 45.£h6+ ¢f7 46.£g7# (0:00:00) 40…gxh5)

41…¦d6 42.¦g5+ ¦g6 43.¦xd5 £c6 44.£xg6+ £xg6 45.¦xd8 c4 46.d5 £c2 47.d6 £d2 48.¦e4 £xb2 49.¦xc4 £a1+ 50.¢h2 £e5+ 51.¢g1 £e1+ 52.¢h2 £e5+ 53.f4 £e3 54.d7 £g3+

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