World Chess Match Game 3: Anand’s Killer C-Pawn Stuns Carlsen

World Chess Championship 2014 in Sochi is already nothing compared to the previous ‘version’ in Chennai though the protagonists are same – Magnus Carlsen and Viswanathan Anand. The Indian Grandmaster delighted chess fans by winning a fantastic, well-planned, scientific Game 3 in Sochi to level the scores 1.5 – 1.5. The excitement is on for sure in Sochi. Replay the game below with Houdini and Chess King. You can read a report on the round at Chess Blog.

Anand,V (2792) – Carlsen,M (2863)

Result: 1-0
Site: Sochi RUS
Date: 2014.11.11
[…] 1.d4 ♘f6 2.c4 e6 3.♘f3 d5 4.♘c3 ♗e7 5.♗f4 O-O This Bishop will ‘grow’ up to be the missile from India 6.e3 ♘bd7 beginning to cramp himself? 7.c5 c6 8.♗d3 b6 9.b4 a5 10.a3 ♗a6 11.♗xa6 ♖xa6 12.b5 the well-prepared pawn sac as Anand said in his press conference that he knew this line at least 24 moves deep 12…cxb5 13.c6 the thorn in the flesh that will take long, long, long to remove… if at all… 13…♕c8 (13…♘b8 14.c7 ♕c8 15.cxb8=♕ ♕xc3+ 16.♘d2 ♖xb8 17.♖c1 ♕xa3 18.♗xb8) 14.c7 (14.cxd7 ♕xc3+ 15.♘d2 ♘xd7 (15…♗xa3)) 14…b4 15.♘b5 the very precious d6 square 15…a4 16.♖c1 ♘e4 17.♘g5 neat trap 17…♘df6

17…♘xg5 18.♗xg5 ♗xg5 19.♘d6 b3 (19…♕a8 20.c8=♕) 20.♘xc8

(17…♗xg5 18.♗xg5 ♖a5 19.axb4 ♖xb5) 18.♘xe4 ♘xe4 19.f3 ♖a5 20.fxe4 ♖xb5 21.♕xa4 ♖a5 22.♕c6 bxa3 23.exd5 ♖xd5 that Rook is a bit offside 24.♕xb6 ♕d7 25.O-O ♖c8 26.♖c6 g5 27.♗g3 apparently all material being equal there is a surety that White could win this without much trouble 27…♗b4 28.♖a1 ♗a5 29.♕a6 ♗xc7 going downhill, but what else? (29…♗b4 30.♕xc8+ ♕xc8 31.♖b6 ♔g7 32.♖b8 ♕d7 33.c8=♕) 30.♕c4 e5 31.♗xe5 ♖xe5 32.dxe5 ♕e7 33.e6 ♔f8 34.♖c1 the poor Bishop on c7 is in a terrible pin…

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