World Chess Match Game 11 Sochi 2014: Carlsen – Anand 1-0

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen retains his title with a victory in Game 11. The game was an exciting battle of nerves along with both chess stars playing remarkably accurately. Former World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand came all ready to fight and it was a bit unfortunate that his brave exchange sacrifice – that had the fans with their heart in their mouths – could not fetch him a win. All credit to Magnus Carlsen who put up a show of accurate and masterly chess calculations. Read a nice report on the round at Chess Blog. You can replay the game with Chess King.

Carlsen,M (2863) – Anand,V (2792)

Result: 1-0
Site: Sochi RUS
Date: 2014.11.23
[…] 1.e4 e5 2.♘f3 ♘c6 3.♗b5 ♘f6 4.O-O ♘xe4 5.d4 ♘d6 6.♗xc6 dxc6 7.dxe5 ♘f5 8.♕xd8+ ♔xd8 9.h3 ♗d7 10.♘c3 h6 11.b3 ♔c8 12.♗b2 c5 13.♖ad1 b6 14.♖fe1 ♗e6 15.♘d5 g5 16.c4 ♔b7 17.♔h2 a5 18.a4 ♘e7 19.g4 ♘g6 20.♔g3 ♗e7 21.♘d2 ♖hd8 22.♘e4 ♗f8 23.♘ef6 b5 the fanbase following online erupts in excitement… wow, Vishy has come armed and means business… can that pawn be taken? 24.♗c3

24.axb5 a4 25.bxa4 ♖xa4 the c4 pawn is vulnerable and even the Knight on d5 might be weak.

(24.cxb5 c6 25.♘c3 ♗xb3 looks good for Black) 24…bxa4 25.bxa4 ♔c6 26.♔f3 ♖db8 27.♔e4 ♖b4 a very strong shocker with an indepth idea of getting the pawns to roll. In normal circumstances pawns could have won the day, but the resultant lack of activity hereafter in this game was unfortunate for Black 28.♗xb4 Magnus takes as he said in the press conference helikes ‘material’ 28…cxb4 29.♘h5 ♔b7 30.f4 gxf4 31.♘hxf4 ♘xf4 (31…c6 32.♘xg6 fxg6 33.♘f6 ♔c7 34.♔d3) 32.♘xf4 ♗xc4 33.♖d7 there’s no looking back for White now. Carlsen knows how to calculate deep and long 33…♖a6 34.♘d5 ♖c6 35.♖xf7 ♗c5 36.♖xc7+ ♖xc7 37.♘xc7 ♔c6 Anand is still trying (37…♔xc7 38.♖c1) 38.♘b5

38.♘d5 ♗xd5+ no Carlsen wouldn’t play that blunder here :)

39.♔d3 b3

38…♗xb5 (38…♗a2 39.♖c1) 39.axb5+ ♔xb5 40.e6 b3 41.♔d3 ♗e7 42.h4 a4 43.g5 hxg5 44.hxg5 a3

44…♗xg5 45.♖e5+ ♔b4 46.♖xg5 a3 47.e7 b2
47…a2 48.e8=♕ a1=♕ 49.♕e4+ ♔a3 50.♖a5+ ♔b2 51.♖xa1 ♔xa1 52.♔c3 b2 53.♕a4+ ♔b1 54.♕c2+ ♔a2 55.♕xb2#


45.♔c3 Anand resigns a well-fought world championship

45.g6 b2
45…a2 46.♔c3 ♗b4+ 47.♔xb3 ♗xe1 48.♔xa2 ♗c3 (48…♗b4 49.g7) 49.e7


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