Women’s Chess Grand Prix R1: Socko Pushes Drawn Endgame and Loses to Cmilyte

White resigns at this position. Can you win it for Black from here?

Women’s chess is fighting chess – say a lot of people! It’s pretty true if you consider how many women’s chess games at Grand Prix events go right down to the last drop of blood. Here’s once such game from the first round of the sixth edition of the Women’s Chess Grand Prix that’s just begun in Ankara (Round 1 report on Chess Blog). Monika Socko pushes a game against Viktorija Cmilyte and ends up in a lost position. Can you play the endgame after White resigned and win? Yes, it’s the Lucena position again! Learn those endgames.

Socko,Monika – Cmilyte,Viktorija

Result: 0-1
Site: Ankara
Date: 2012.09.16

[…] 1.e4 c5 2.¤f3 d6 3.d4 ¤f6 4.¤c3 cxd4 5.¤xd4 a6 6.¥e3 e5 7.¤f3 ¥e7 8.¥c4 £c7 9.£e2 O-O 10.a4 ¤c6 11.O-O ¤a5 12.¤d2 ¥e6 13.¥xe6 fxe6 14.f4 exf4 15.¦xf4 ¦ac8 16.¦af1 ¤c4 17.¤xc4 £xc4 18.£d3 ¤d7 19.¦xf8+ ¥xf8 20.¥d4 ¤e5 21.¥xe5 £xd3 22.cxd3 dxe5 23.¢f2 ¥e7 24.¢e2 b5 25.axb5 axb5 26.¤xb5 ¦c2+ 27.¢f3 ¦xb2 28.¤c3 ¦b3 29.¦c1 ¥a3 30.¦c2 ¥b4 31.¤d1 ¦xd3+ 32.¢e2 ¦d4 33.¤f2 ¥e7 34.¢f3 h5 35.g3 g5 36.h3 ¢f7 37.¢e3 ¦a4 38.g4 h4 39.¤d3 ¦a3 40.¦c8 ¢f6 41.¦c2 ¥d8 42.¦f2+ ¢e7 43.¦b2 ¥c7 44.¦b7 ¢d6 45.¦b5 ¢c6 46.¦c5+ ¢d7 47.¦b5 ¥d6 48.¢e2 ¢c6 49.¦b2 ¦a1 50.¤e1 ¦a4 51.¤f3 ¦xe4+ 52.¢d3 ¦a4 53.¤xg5 ¢d5 54.¢e2 ¥c5 55.¦b5 ¦a2+ 56.¢f1 ¢c4 57.¦b8 ¥e3 58.¦c8+ ¢d3 59.¦d8+ ¥d4 60.¤xe6 ¦f2+ 61.¢e1 ¦f3 62.¤xd4 exd4 63.¦a8 ¦e3+ 64.¢f2 ¦g3 65.¦g8 ¦xh3 66.g5 ¦g3 67.g6 ¢d2 68.g7 d3 69.¢f1 h3 70.¦h8 ¦xg7 71.¦xh3 ¦f7+ 72.¢g1 ¢e2 73.¦h8 ¦g7+ 74.¢h2 d2 75.¦e8+ ¢d1 76.¢h3 ¦d7

You can win it from here? Right? (Check the link above for learning the Lucena position).

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