Women’s Chess Grand Prix Jermuk: Playing a Won Game with Patience

Here is a nice game played between Ekaterina Kovalevskaya and Hou Yifan during the ninth round at the ongoing Women’s Chess Grand Prix in Jermuk. With this win, Yifan goes into sole lead! Find the full round report at Chess Blog.

Kovalevskaya Ekaterina – Hou Yifan

Result: 0-1
Site: Jermuk, ARM
Date: 2012.07.26

[…] 1.¤f3 ¤f6 2.g3 b6 3.¥g2 ¥b7 4.O-O e6 5.c4 c5 6.¤c3 ¥e7 7.¦e1 d6 8.e4 a6 9.d4 cxd4 10.¤xd4 £c7 11.b3 O-O 12.¥b2 ¤bd7 13.£e2 ¦fe8 14.¦ad1 ¥f8 15.h3 ¦ad8 16.¢h2 £b8 17.¤c2 g6 18.f4 ¥g7 19.¤e3 h5 20.¤f1 ¤c5 21.b4 ¤cd7 22.¤d2 h4 23.g4 g5 24.e5 dxe5 25.¥xb7 £xb7 26.fxg5 ¤h7 27.¤ce4 ¤df8 28.¤f3 ¤g6 29.£e3 £c6 30.c5 bxc5 31.bxc5 ¦d5 32.¤d6 ¦b8 33.¥a3 £a4 34.¦xd5 exd5 35.¢h1 e4 36.c6 £xc6 37.¤d4 £a4 38.¤6f5 ¥xd4 39.¤xd4 ¤xg5 40.¤f5 ¤e6 41.¦f1 ¦b7 42.¦c1 £d7 43.¥d6 ¤g7 44.¤h6+ ¢h7 45.¥c5 f5 46.£g5 ¤e6 47.£f6 ¤xc5 48.gxf5 £g7 49.fxg6+ £xg6 50.£xg6+ ¢xg6 51.¦xc5 ¢xh6 52.¦xd5 ¦b5 53.¦d4 ¦e5 54.¢g2 ¢g5 55.¢f2 ¢f4 56.¦d6 a5 57.¦f6+ ¦f5 58.¦g6 ¦g5 59.¦f6+ ¢e5 60.¦h6 ¢d4 61.¦d6+ ¦d5 62.¦b6 ¦c5 63.¦d6+ ¢e5 64.¦d8 ¦c2+ 65.¢e3 ¦c3+ 66.¢e2 ¦a3 67.¦e8+ ¢f4 68.¦f8+ ¢g3 69.¦e8 ¦xa2+ 70.¢e3 ¦a4 71.¦g8+ ¢xh3 72.¢f4 ¢h2 73.¦c8 ¢g2 74.¦c2+ ¢f1 75.¦h2 ¢g1 76.¦b2 h3 77.¦b1+ ¢f2 78.¦b2+ ¢f1 79.¦h2 ¦a3 80.¢xe4 ¢g1 81.¦b2 h2 82.¦b1+ ¢g2 83.¦b2+ ¢g3 84.¦b1 ¦a2

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