Women’s Chess Grand Prix: Humpy vs Wenjun 1-0 (Psychology of Chess)

Chess is a lot about psychological pressure. A cold-calculating machine’s draw could be a human’s nervous loss. Here’s an interesting position from Koneru Humpy-Ju Wenjun at the Ankara Women’s Chess Grand Prix (Report on Chess Blog.) White is a pawn down. Looks for resources, plays 59.h4. The correct continuation for Black: Bxh4 for a draw (for a machine that is). The h-pawn falls for White, but so does the b-pawn for Black. Now, comes the psychological pressure (in time trouble) that White piles up by pushing the a-pawn knowing that the connected Black’s passers on e- and f-file are controlled by the Bishop. Ju Wenjun fumbles in the endgame, loses. Enjoy the game in the Chess King applet.

Watch how the pressure builds up from Move 60. A machine could handle it in time trouble, but not a human.

Koneru, Humpy – Ju, Wenjun

Result: 1-0
Site: Ankara
Date: 2012.09.23

[…] 1.d4 ¤f6 2.c4 g6 3.¤c3 ¥g7 4.g3 O-O 5.¥g2 d6 6.¤f3 ¤c6 7.O-O a6 8.£c2 ¦b8 9.¦d1 ¥d7 10.e4 b5 11.e5 dxe5 12.dxe5 ¤g4 13.c5 ¤gxe5 14.¤xe5 ¤xe5 15.¥f4 £e8 16.¤d5 c6 17.¤b6 ¥f5 18.£e2 ¤c4 19.¥xb8 £xb8 20.¤d7 ¥xd7 21.¦xd7 ¥xb2 22.¦ad1 ¥f6 23.f4 e6 24.£e4 £c8 25.£xc6 £xc6 26.¥xc6 ¦c8 27.¥b7 ¦xc5 28.¥xa6 ¤e3 29.¦1d2 b4 30.¦b7 ¤d5 31.¦b8+ ¢g7 32.¦c8 ¦a5 33.¥c4 ¥c3 34.¦e2 ¤b6 35.¦c7 ¢f6 36.¥b3 h5 37.¢g2 ¤d5 38.¦b7 ¤e7 39.¦e4 ¤f5 40.¦d7 ¦a6 41.¢f3 ¦d6 42.¦xd6 ¤xd6 43.¦e3 ¥d4 44.¦e1 g5 45.h3 ¤f5 46.¦e4 ¥c3 47.fxg5+ ¢xg5 48.¦c4 ¤d4+ 49.¢e3 e5 50.¦c8 f5 51.¦g8+ ¢f6 52.¥d1 ¥e1 53.¥xh5 ¥xg3 54.¦g6+ ¢e7 55.¦b6 ¥e1 56.¢d3 ¤e6 57.¢c4 e4 58.¥d1 e3 59.h4 ¥xh4 60.¦xb4 ¥e1 61.¦b5 f4 62.a4 ¢d6 63.a5 ¥f2 64.a6 ¤c7 65.¦b6+ ¢e5 66.¦c6 ¤a8 67.¥f3 ¢f5 68.¢d3 e2 69.¢xe2 ¥e3 70.¦c8 ¤b6 71.¦f8+ ¢e5 72.a7

Black resigns because the White a-pawn cannot be stopped without losing a piece and Black has no more resources left.

2 Responses to “Women’s Chess Grand Prix: Humpy vs Wenjun 1-0 (Psychology of Chess)”

  • alexis cochran, nz says:

    technically i agree it could have been a draw. interesting study. chess is forever – human chess.

  • Mir Nawaz, Karachi says:

    white used their resources well you really need to keep alm in tense moments according to chess big learning for life thanks chess now getting popular in Pakistan we read your blog to learn

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