Winning Chess Plan: White Wins

In this position from the game Richter – Nageli, Munich, 1936, White has plenty to worry about. However, White found a forced winning plan. Can you find it as well? Don’t worry, it’s not difficult. Just go for some accurate calculations. In fact there are several ways to win this…

Richter – Nageli

Result: 1-0
Site: Munich
Date: 1936
[…] 1.♕h8+

1.♖g6+ yes this wins as well, but Qh8 is stronger 1…♖g7 2.♕xf5 (2.♘d5 ♖xe5 3.♘f6+ ♔f7 (3…♔f8 4.♘xd7+) 4.♘xd7) 2…♕xd4 3.♖xc6

(1.♖xh7 this wins as well… 1…♔xh7 2.♕xf5+ (0:00:09) 1.) 1…♖xh8 2.♖xh8+ ♔f7 3.♖h7+ going back to the eighth rank loses the Queen making White up on material 3…♔e6 4.exf5+ ♔d6 5.♖xd7+ ♔xd7 and White is winning in all lines 6.h6 (6.♔d2) (6.g4)

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