Winning Chess Move: What’s White’s Move?

This chess puzzle is not so far back in time. Stuart Conquest was up against Guenter Moser, Embalse, 1981. How did White win?

Stuart Conquest – Guenter Moser

Result: 1-0
Site: Embalse
Date: 1981
[…] 1.♘xf7 and black’s position gets nuked. Black could try castling Kingside, but there’s huge material loss then. 1…♔xf7 (1…♖f8 2.♘g5 there’s the big trouble on e6) (1…♖g8 2.f5 (2.♗xe6) (2.♕xe6+)) 2.♕xe6+ ♔g6 winning now with both f5 and g4

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