Winning Chess Idea: What Should White Play?

There is a nice winning idea in this position from the game Zolotov-Ivlev. Can you spot it? You can see the answer with the Chess King applet below. Happy solving.


Result: 1-0
Date: 1982

[…] 1.¥g8+ ¢xg8

(1…¢g6 2.¥f7+ and wherever the Black King goes, White can promote to Queen easily and win)
(1…¢h8 2.¥e6 using the same idea so that Rook can go to f8 with check

2…£xe6 (2…¢h7 3.e8=£) 3.¦f8+ ¢h7 4.e8=£ £xe8 5.¦xe8)

2.¦f8+ ¢h7 3.e8=£ £xe8 4.¦xe8

One Response to “Winning Chess Idea: What Should White Play?”

  • srinivas, colombo says:

    very interesting – i think about calculating thus in a real otb tournament

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