Winning Chess Combinations: White to Play for Checkmate

Grandmaster chess is a lot about patterns. How good are you at combining your pieces for teamwork that delivers a win? Work on your middlegame chess combinations with Chess King and you would improve your rating in no time. Here is a nice chess puzzle where the solution is a chess pattern you are sure to recognize quickly: White to play and win.

Shabalov – Bhat

Result: 1-0
Site: Alexandria
Date: 1996

[…] 1.♕h7+ ♔f8 2.♕h8+ (2.♕xg7+ ♔xg7 3.♗f6+ ♔g8 (3…♔f8 4.♖h8#) 4.♖h8#) 2…♗xh8 3.♖xh8+ ♔g7 4.♗f6#

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