Winning Chess Attack: Find Best Moves for White

Can you find the simple forced winning combination in this chess position from the game Kweinis-Awschamulow, Ordshonikidse, 1978?


Result: 1-0
Site: Ordshonikidse
Date: 1978

[…] 1.£c4+ ¢b8 2.¦xd7 £xd7 (2…¦xg7 3.¦xd8+) (2…£c8 3.£xc8+ ¦xc8 4.¦xe7) 3.£xg8+

2 Responses to “Winning Chess Attack: Find Best Moves for White”

  • Guillermo says:

    How about 1. Bb6?

  • Alexis Cochran, NZ says:

    Hi the way i see it is that Bb6 forces Qe8 upon which the White Queen has to revert to Qc4 which is the solution line because exchanging Queens is not good for White. So, if Qc4 is the winning line then why waste a move by playing Bb6?

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