Weekend Chess Puzzle: Alekhine – Penn 1-0

Here is a position from the game Alekhine – Penn played in 1918 in Moscow. White is exchange down, but has a nice pawn rolled down the d-file. How did White win this position? Stay tuned with Chess King every day for chess games and chess puzzles from around the world.

Alekhine – Penn

Result: 1-0
Site: Moscow
Date: 1918

[…] 1.d7 ¦d8 2.¦e8+ ¦f8 3.¥f7 ¦fxe8 same variation follows whether Black takes Rfxe8 or Rdxe8

(3…h6 4.¦xf8+ ¦xf8 5.¥e8 g6 6.d8=£) 4.dxe8=£+ ¦xe8 5.¥xe8 g6 6.f4 ¢g7 7.¢f2

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