Troitzky Chess Study: Can White Win?

Here is a pin-n-fork chess study by A Troitzky from 1923. White is exchange down, but the Black King is holed up in the corner. What tactical ideas can you use to help White win?

Troitzky Chess Study

Result: 1-0
Date: 1923
[…] 1.g7+ ♖xg7 (1…♔g8 2.♘f6+ forks the King and Rook) (1…♔xg7 2.♖xd7+ of course loses the Rook right away) 2.♖d8+ ♖g8 not 3.♖xg8+ (3.♗c3+ ♖xc3+ 4.♔xc3 ♖xd8) 3…♔xg8 4.♘h6+ (4.♘f6+ allows the King to escape from the corner via f7) 4…♔h8 (4…♔g7 5.♘f5+ killer fork) 5.♗c5 threatening checkmate with Bd4 or forcing a Rook pin 5…♖g7 where else… (5…♖g4+ 6.♘xg4) (5…♖g1 6.♗d4+) 6.♗d6 ♖g5 (6…♖g1 7.♗e5+ ♖g7 8.♘f5) 7.♘f7+

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