Thursday Chess Tactic: White Wins (Steinitz vs Strauss 1-0)

Get set for your Thursday chess tactics lesson. This chess position is from the game Steinitz vs Strauss, Vienna, 1860. White to play and win. What is the magic move and what are the variations thereafter?

Steinitz vs Strauss

Result: 1-0
Site: Vienna
Date: 1860

[…] 1.♖xe6+ fxe6

1…♔xe6 2.♕e4+ ♔d7 3.♕xb7+ ♔e8 (3…♔d8 4.♖xd6+ ♔e8 5.♕d7#) (3…♔e6 4.♖e1+) 4.♕c6+ ♔d8 5.♖xd6+ ♔e7 6.♕d7#

2.♗h6+ ♖g7 (2…♔f6 3.♗xg5+) 3.♗xg5+ ♔f7 4.♕h5+

Looking for another nice sac on e6 and devastating chess game with White? Check out this game by Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk – the 12th Women’s World Chess Champion.

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