Threat-is-Enough Chess Puzzle: How Does White Win?

This is an interesting position from the game Pissarski – Markuschew, 1983. There is no immediate checkmate visible, but White has a magic move that is based on a checkmate threat and secures the win based on material. Can you see White’s magic move or winning idea?

Pissarski – Markuschew

Result: 1-0
Date: 1983

[…] 1.¥e6 ¥xe6

(1…£xh4 2.¦xf8+ ¦g8 3.¦xg8# (0:00:02) 1…Qxh4)

(1…¦gf7 2.£xd8) (1…¦fg8 2.£xd8) (1…¦gg8 2.£xd8 ¦xd8 3.¥xg8) 2.¦xf8+ £xf8 3.¦xf8+ ¥g8 (3…¦g8 4.£f6#) 4.¦d8

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