Thessaloniki Chess Grand Prix 2013 Round 1: Gata Kamsky – Leinier Perez Dominguez 1-0

Gata Kamsky and Leinier Dominguez engaged in the Sicilian Naidorf defence. As usual, Kamsky went for the positional line and included his favourite a2-a4. He said that 15…Kh8 was interesting and that he got nothing out of the opening. That is why he decided to exchange the Queens and regroup the pieces. In the ensuing middlegame white retained some pressure after 31. e5. Dominguez criticized 32…f5 and felt that he should have played something else.

Kamsky pointed that 36…Be5 was a mistake which handed advantage to white, and suggested 36…g5 as possible improvement. Dominguez tried to hold on but on move 44 he made a blunder in an already difficult position. You can read a report on the round at Chess Blog.

Kamsky, Gata (2741) – Dominguez Perez, Leinier (2723)

Result: 1-0
Site: Thessaloniki GRE
Date: 2013.05.22

[…] 1.e4 c5 2.¤f3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.¤xd4 ¤f6 5.¤c3 a6 6.¥e3 ¤g4 7.¥c1 ¤f6 8.a4 ¤c6 9.¥e2 g6 10.¥e3 ¥g7 11.O-O O-O 12.£d2 ¥d7 13.f3 ¤xd4 14.¥xd4 £a5 15.¦fd1 ¢h8 16.¤b1 £xd2 17.¤xd2 ¥e6 18.a5 ¦fc8 19.c3 ¤d7 20.¦a4 ¦c7 21.¥e3 ¢g8 22.¦b4 ¢f8 23.¢f2 ¦ac8 24.g4 ¤e5 25.¢g3 ¤c6 26.¦a4 ¤e5 27.f4 ¤c4 28.¥xc4 ¥xc4 29.¤xc4 ¦xc4 30.¦xc4 ¦xc4 31.e5 ¦c6 32.¢f3 f5 33.gxf5 dxe5 34.fxg6 hxg6 35.¦d7 exf4 36.¥f2 ¥e5 37.¦xb7 ¢e8 38.¢e4 ¥c7 39.¥b6 ¦e6+ 40.¢f3 ¥d6 41.b4 ¦e5 42.¥d4 ¦h5 43.h4 ¢d8 44.¦b6 ¦xh4 45.¦xd6+

One Response to “Thessaloniki Chess Grand Prix 2013 Round 1: Gata Kamsky – Leinier Perez Dominguez 1-0”

  • alexis, nz says:

    That’s a nice tactic in the end. The pawn takes Rook ed and Bf6 is check taking the Rook on h4 neat! But in any case White should win. Good material haul even if Black ignores sac.

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