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Paris Chess Grand Prix R5: Vassily Ivanchuk – Alexander Grischuk 0-1

Vassily Ivanchuk went down to Alexander Grischuk in the fifth round of the Paris Chess Grand Prix on Friday. In a Grunfeld with 4.Bf4, Ivanchuk employed the rare move 7.c5 since, as Grischuk mentioned during the press conference: “otherwise it’s basically a forced draw”. The position doesn’t look that bad for White, were it not for 30…Bc4! 31.Nc3 Bf1! winning the g2-pawn and with it – the game. (Read WGM Alina l’Ami news reports at official website) Replay the game with Chess King.
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Paris Chess Grand Prix 2013 Round 2: Laurent Fressinet – Alexander Grischuk 1-0

Round 2 at the Paris Chess Grand Prix witness just one decisive game: Laurent Fressinet – Alexander Grischuk 1-0. The game cruising along fine with Grischuk even going into the endgame with a very slight advantage. However, Fressinet defended well and Grischuk’s time-trouble tipped the balance. Replay the game with the Houdini-powered Chess King.
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ACP Chess Cup 2013 Final Tiebreak Game: Alexander Grischuk – Ian Nepomniachtchi 1-0

Alexander Grischuk has won the ACP Cup – 2013. The final match Grischuk-Nepomniachtchi reached the Armageddon stage, after the players drew both rapid games after exciting fight, and later exchanged the victories in the blitz games. In the final game, Grischuk gained an advantage in the opening, and emerged victorious. Read a report on Chess Blog. Replay the game in the Chess King applet.
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Thessaloniki Chess Grand Prix 2013 Round 2: Alexander Grischuk – Hikaru Nakamura 1-0

Black played the Neo-Arkhangelsk variation of the Ruy Lopez, which was broadly analysed after the inspiring games of Shirov and Ivanchuk. Nakamura repeated 15…Re8, the move that he introduced in the game with Leko in Wijk an Zee. Grischuk deviated from that game with the direct 18.Ba4 and 19.Bc6, which is exactly the place where the Bishop wants to land. White gained some tempi in the process as black Rook retreated to f8 (18…Re6!? was interesting).
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Fide Chess Candidates 2013 R4: Magnus Carlsen-Alexander Grischuk 1-0

Round four at the London Chess Candidates 2013 witness just one decisive game: Magnus Carlsen-Alexander Grischuk 1-0 in Round 4. This allowed the World No. 1 to catch up with Levon Aronian in the lead at the tournament. The Russian GM was doing fine with Black and did have an exchange sacrifice plus a ballistic Kingside onslaught planned that should have given him enough chances to stay in the game. However, time trouble and White’s steady hold turned the result in favor of White. Replay the game with Chess King and read a full round report on Chess Blog.
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Believe-in-Yourself Chess Puzzle: Alexander Grischuk vs Judit Polgar

Here is a super chess position from the game Alexander Grischuk-Judit Polgar, Biel, 2007. This chess puzzle is brought to you by Chess Killer Tips – award-winning chess video podcast show hosted by Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk. Find a Drawing Plan for Black.
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London Chess Grand Prix R9: Grischuk’s Closed Sicilian Beats Gelfand

Round 9 was an exciting one at the London Chess Grand Prix with Alexander Grischuk beating Boris Gelfand. The latter has lead for much of the tournament and the lead now goes to Shakhriyar Mamedyarov. Read the full report on Chess Blog. You can see the game below in Chess King applet.
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London Chess Grand Prix R4: Grischuk Plays Strategic Chess to Beat Mamedyarov

Alexander Grischuk, playing his trademark strategic chess, beat Shakhriyar Mamedyarov in the fourth round at the London Chess Grand Prix. It was a closed Spanish game. Grischuk decided to take some space, chasing the white colour bishop by h3-g4. Grischuk kept on pressuring his opponent. After 24 moves, all the black pieces were on the 8th and 7th ranks! That was the moment chosen by Grischuk to sacrifice a knight for three pawns and activity. Mamedyarov was obliged to give back his knight but it was clearly not enough and his position remained completely lost. First victory of the tournament for Grischuk!
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London Chess Grand Prix: What’s Grischuk’s Winning Combination?

What is Black's winning continuation?

The London Chess Grand Prix third round (Report on Chess Blog) saw Alexander Grischuk allow Wang Hao to escape with a draw. Grischuk surprised his opponent by playing the Gruenfeld. In the position on the left, Wang Hao has just played 27.h4. Grischuk replies with 27….Qb5-c5. Don’t forget there is time trouble. But, can you spot the winning combination that Grischuk could have played instead of moving the Queen?

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Istanbul Chess Olympiad R4: Spot Grischuk’s Winning Plan

Russia’s victory over China was surely the event of Round 4 at the Istanbul Chess Olympiad (Report on Chess Blog). After Round 4, Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, and Armenia are in joint lead. Will Russia win the gold this time? It’s a valid question considering that somehow, even though they always have the strongest team, the gold always eludes them! Here is the nice Alexander Grischuk game against Wang Yue that helped Russia beat China in Round 4. The other win was by Dmitry Jakovenko over In the position on the left Yue plays 24.Ba4. Can you think like Grischuk to win for Black?

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Tal Chess Memorial: Play the King’s Indian Kramnik Style

Chess folklore has it that Russian Grandmaster Vladimir Kramnik’s understanding of the King’s Indian even shook up none other than the legendary Garry Kasparov. No one dares play it against him. Here is one of the master games played by the former world chess champion in Moscow. If you have been trying to figure out how to handle King’s Indian, this is a must-study game. You can look up the GigaKing with Chess King to find all the King’s Indian chess games ever played! Train with Chess King and you’re sure to see your rating points go up and up!

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World Chess Rapid: Grischuk Hands Carlsen 2nd Loss of Event

I swear I did it with one hand!

It was almost an impossibility, but it came to pass at the Astana World Rapid Chess Championship 2012 on the third day. Going into Sunday, Carlsen was leading with 1.5 points and five rounds were to be played. First, it was Vassily Ivanchuk who spoiled Carlsen’s rhythm by beating him in the 12th round, then Alexander Grischuk followed suit by capitalizing on the ‘weakened’ World No. 1. Carlsen picked up back-to-back losses. Is he doing an Alexander Morozevich at Tal Memorial and Elina Danielian at Kazan Women’s Chess Grand Prix? Here is the Grischuk-Carlsen game with Chess King. The Carlsen-Ivanchuk game can be replayed here.

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Tal Chess Memorial: Grischuk Teaches How to Draw in the Face of Ballistic Carlsen Attack

They would say only a Russian could do this. We would say anyone could do it with Chess King. Actually! Here is a fantastic game from the ongoing 7th edition of the Tal Chess Memorial. Round 4 saw Magnus Carlsen – World No. 1 from Norway – play an all out attack with White against Russia’s Alexander Grischuk. Hold your breath and watch the game. Dare you play it in a tournament?

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