Tactics Chess Position: White Wins

Your mid-week puzzle is a neat position from the game Aisenstadt – Margolis, Leningrad, 1957. White has a nice tactic to get a winning position. Can you see how?

Aisenstadt – Margolis

Result: 1-0
Site: Leningrad
Date: 1957

[…] 1.¦a8 ¦xa8

(1…h6 2.£e6+ ¢h7 (2…¢h8 3.¦xe8+) 3.¦xe8)


(2…£f7 3.£xa8+ £e8 4.£xe8# (0:00:06) 2.Qd5+)
(2…¢h8 3.£xa8+ £e8 4.£xe8# (0:00:08) 2.Qd5+)

One Response to “Tactics Chess Position: White Wins”

  • alexis, nz says:

    Quite an optical illusion there giving a Rook just like that. I love such chess positions.

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