Super-Strong Chess Puzzle: Levon Aronian vs Erik Pedersen 1-0

Here’s a position from the chess game Aronian vs Erik Pedersen. White has a super-strong pawn lodged at g7 protected by the Bishop on e4 which is unfortunately threatened by the Knight on b3. How did White win?

Levon Aronian vs Erik Pedersen

Result: 1-0
Site: Morso
Date: 2002
[…] 1.axb3 ♖xa1 2.♖xh6 winning in all variations for example see the following line 2…♔f7 3.♘g5+ ♔e7 (3…♔g8 4.♖h8#) 4.♗f6+ ♔d7 5.♖h8 ♖ae1 6.♖f8

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