Sparkassen Chess Meet: Caruana Beats Kramnik, Takes Title

The Dortmund Gang

Chess is a great leveler! Just when defending champion Russia’s Vladimir Kramnik was cruising along to another title win at the Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meet, Italy’s Fabiano Caruana came along and spoiled the fun. Caruna, who had missed the Tal Memorial title earlier this year with some self-destructive play, managed to stay on course in Dortmund. He has just won the title for 2012 ahead of Russia’s Sergey Karjakin on tiebreak. Here is the nice Caruana-Kramnik game. The Dortmund Sparkassen 2012 report is now up at Chess Blog.

Caruana,F (2775) – Kramnik,V (2799)

Result: 1-0
Site: Dortmund GER
Date: 2012.07.21

[…] 1.e4 e5 2.¤f3 ¤c6 3.¥b5 ¤f6 4.d3 ¥c5 5.O-O d6 6.c3 O-O 7.¤bd2 ¤e7 8.d4 exd4 9.cxd4 ¥b6 10.b3 d5 11.e5 ¤e4 12.¥d3 ¥f5 13.£e2 ¤c6 14.¥b2 ¤xd2 15.£xd2 ¥e4 16.¥e2 f6 17.b4 fxe5 18.dxe5 ¢h8 19.b5 ¤e7 20.¤g5 ¤g6 21.g3 £e7 22.e6 ¦f5 23.¤xe4 dxe4 24.£d7 ¦af8 25.£xe7 ¤xe7 26.¥a3 ¦e8 27.¦ad1 h5 28.¦d7 ¤d5 29.¦f7 ¤f6 30.¥c4 ¥c5 31.¥b2 ¦e7 32.¥d4 ¥d6 33.¦e1 b6 34.¦f8+ ¢h7 35.¦xe4 ¦xf2 36.¢xf2 ¤xe4+ 37.¢g2 ¤c5 38.¦a8 ¤xe6 39.¥d3+ ¢h6 40.h4 g6 41.¦h8+ ¦h7 42.¦g8 ¦g7 43.¥xg7+ ¢h7 44.¦e8 ¤xg7 45.¦e3 ¢h6 46.a4 ¢h7 47.¢h3 ¢h6 48.¥c2 ¢h7 49.g4 hxg4+ 50.¢xg4 ¢h6 51.¦e2 ¥b4 52.¦e5 ¤h5 53.¦e6

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