Smart Team-Work Chess Puzzle: How does White win?

White has to battle Black’s Queen with two minor pieces. How can White win? Enjoy this nice chess study even as you take a break from the World Chess Championship 2013 on the rest day today.

Chess Study

Result: 1-0

[…] 1.♗d6 threatening the Black Queen and also threatening checkmate with Be5 1…♕e3 (1…♕g7 2.♗e5 a4 3.♗xg7+ ♔xg7 4.♘f5+ ♔f6 5.♘d4 a3 6.c4 a2 7.♘b3)

1…♕xd6 2.♘f7+ ♔g7 3.♘xd6 a4 4.♘b5 Eventually Black cannot stop both c and g pawns of White and can queen neither his a or h pawns… 4…a3 5.♘xa3

2.♗e5+ ♕xe5 3.♘f7+ ♔g8 4.♘xe5 and White wins

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