Smart Chess Tactics: Petrosian – Mamedyarova 1-0

Chess tactics add spark to a chess game apart from, of course, getting home the winning point. In this position, White is to play. What neat chess trick did White use?

Petrosian vs Zeinab Mamedjarova

Result: 1-0
Site: Lausanne
Date: 2005
[…] 1.♕f4+ and that sets up a neat Queen capture… for example…

1.♕e5+ does not win the Rook on e1 because White’s own Rook on e3 is pinned… 1…♔a7 2.♕a5+ and back to protect the Rook which is pinned 2…♔b8 3.♕e5+

1…♔a7 (1…♔c8 2.♖e8+ ♔d7 3.♕xd2+) 2.♖a3+ ♔b6 3.♕xd2

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