Saturday Chess Puzzle: What’s White’s Most Forcing Move for Immediate Win?

Here is a nice chess position from the game Pihajlic-Ivanka, Subotica, 1976. This position and its variants occur way too often in tournament games. White can lumber along and slowly get around to a win, or at least a draw. However, what’s the most forcing move that brings an immediate win here for White?


Result: 1-0
Site: Subotica
Date: 1976

[…] 1.£c4+ Black is forced to take the White Queen or else they lose their Queen for free

1…£xc4 2.g8=£+ and that’s a nice skewer 2…¢e5 3.£xc4 You can checkmate with a King and Queen right? Here’s one of the forced lines with Houdini though you could win from here easily in several ways with basic chess knowledge

3…¢d6 4.¢g7 ¢e5 5.¢g6 ¢d6 6.¢f6 ¢d7 7.£c5 ¢d8 8.¢e6 ¢e8 9.£e7# (0:00:09) 1.

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