Sao Paulo Chess Masters R1: Spot Carlsen’s Winning Move Missed vs Caruana

The Sao Paulo Chess Masters Grand Slam would have got another draw in the results had World No. 1 not tried to push for a win in a drawn game. Carlsen refused to shake hands for the draw and continued to struggle for a win. He even got the winning position. Then, he missed the winning combination and ended up losing the game in time trouble. In the position on the left, White has played 80f5. Spot Carlsen’s winning move and strategy.

Both 80….Rb1 and 80….Rb2 give Black a win because Black would be able to Queen either the e pawn or the b pawn before White can Queen any pawns. In fact, Black would also be able to roll down the g-passer pawn if the Black Bishop moves from h4. You can see the analysis with Houdini in Chess King below. However, Carlsen chose the move 80….Kg2 which really draws. But, Carlsen miscalculated in time trouble and blundered 81….Rb2 (it’s too late now as the White d pawn rolls) to lose the game.

Caruana,F (2773) – Carlsen,M (2843)

Result: 1-0
Site: Bilbao ESP
Date: 2012.09.24

[…] 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.¤c3 ¥b4 4.e5 c5 5.a3 ¥xc3+ 6.bxc3 ¤e7 7.¤f3 ¤bc6 8.¥d3 ¥d7 9.O-O £c7 10.¦e1 ¤a5 11.¤g5 ¤g6 12.¦e3 c4 13.¥e2 ¤c6 14.¥h5 ¤ce7 15.£g4 ¥a4 16.¦a2 ¤f5 17.¦e1 O-O-O 18.¤f3 ¢b8 19.h4 ¦df8 20.£h3 ¤ge7 21.£h2 h6 22.¥g4 g5 23.h5 ¤g7 24.¤d2 f5 25.exf6 £xh2+ 26.¢xh2 ¦xf6 27.¥f3 ¦hf8 28.¤f1 ¤ef5 29.¥g4 ¥e8 30.¥xf5 ¤xf5 31.¤e3 ¤xe3 32.¥xe3 ¥xh5 33.¢g3 ¥g6 34.¦b2 h5 35.f3 g4 36.¥g5 ¦f5 37.f4 ¦e8 38.¦e2 ¢c7 39.¦b1 ¦f7 40.¦h1 ¦h7 41.¢f2 ¢b6 42.g3 ¢a5 43.¢e3 ¥f5 44.¢d2 ¦c8 45.¥h4 ¦d7 46.¦b1 ¦c6 47.¦ee1 ¦b6 48.¦xb6 ¢xb6 49.¦b1+ ¢c7 50.¢c1 ¦d6 51.¢b2 ¦b6+ 52.¢c1 ¦a6 53.¢b2 ¥e4 54.¥g5 ¢d7 55.¥h4 ¢e8 56.¢a2 b6 57.¢b2 ¢f7 58.¦e1 b5 59.¦b1 ¢g6 60.¦e1 ¢f7 61.¦a1 ¦b6 62.¦b1 ¢g6 63.¢c1 ¦a6 64.¢b2 ¢f5 65.¦e1 ¦b6 66.¦b1 a5 67.¢c1 ¥g2 68.¢d2 ¢e4 69.¦e1+ ¢f3 70.¦e2 b4 71.axb4 axb4 72.¦e3+ ¢f2 73.¦e2+ ¢f3 74.¦e3+ ¢f2 75.¦e2+ ¢g1 76.¦e1+ ¢h2 77.cxb4 ¦xb4 78.¦xe6 ¥e4 79.¦xe4 dxe4 80.f5 ¢g2

(80…¦b2 81.f6 ¢g2 82.¢e3 ¦xc2 83.¥g5 c3 84.¢xe4 ¦f2 85.d5 c2 86.¢e5 h4 87.gxh4 g3 (0:00:01) 80.f5)
(80…¦b1 81.¢e3 (0:00:01) 80.f5)

81.¢e3 ¦b2 82.d5 ¦xc2 83.d6 c3 84.d7 ¦d2 85.d8=£ ¦xd8 86.¥xd8 h4 87.gxh4 g3 88.f6 c2 89.¢d2 e3+ 90.¢xc2 e2 91.¥a5

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