Quick Chess Puzzle: Remember Your Checkmate Patterns

Here is a nice position from Leningrad, 1973. Black has just played the 39th move of Kf6. Does White have a forced win here? Switch on your chess antennae and start thinking. You can later see the full game in the super chess applet Chess King. The chess puzzle is quite simple really. All you need is a little foresight and the lesson is to remember those checkmate patterns.

Run the full game to see the answer after Black played 39. …Kf6.

Quinteros Miguel A (ARG) (2520) – Tukmakov Vladimir B (UKR) (2545)

Result: 1-0
Site: Leningrad (Russia)
Date: 1973

[…] 1.¤f3 ¤f6 2.c4 g6 3.g3 ¥g7 4.d4 O-O 5.¥g2 d6 6.¤c3 ¤c6 7.O-O a6 8.h3 ¦b8 9.e4 b5 10.cxb5 axb5 11.¥e3 b4 12.¤e2 e5 13.dxe5 dxe5 14.£c2 ¥b7 15.¦fd1 £c8 16.¤d2 ¦e8 17.¤b3 ¥a8 18.¤c5 ¥f8 19.¤c1 ¥d6 20.¤1b3 ¤d7 21.¦d2 ¤xc5 22.¤xc5 ¤d8 23.¥f1 ¥c6 24.¢h2 ¦a8 25.¥c4 ¤b7 26.¤b3 ¥d7 27.h4 ¥e6 28.¥xe6 £xe6 29.£c6 ¤a5 30.¤xa5 ¦xa5 31.a4 bxa3 32.bxa3 ¦ea8 33.a4 ¦5a6 34.£b7 ¢g7 35.¦d5 ¦xa4 36.£xa8 ¦xa8 37.¦xa8 £g4 38.¦a4 f5 39.¦a7 ¢f6 40.¦xd6+ cxd6 41.¥g5+ ¢e6 42.¦e7#

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