Queen’s Gambit Declined: Marshall-Capablanca 0-1

Time for the Chess King show: Some Grandmasters have a unique way of dealing with an all-out attack: Patience! Here’s one such game that saw Frank James Marshall throw everything at Jose Raul Capablanca save for the chess board itself. Capablanca held on for a neat win. Check out the Lasker Defense in the Queen’s Gambit Declined with the super Chess King gameplayer.

Frank James Marshall – Jose Raul Capablanca

Result: 0-1
Site: m
Date: 1909

[…] 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.¤c3 ¤f6 4.¥g5 ¥e7 5.e3 ¤e4 6.¥xe7 £xe7 7.¥d3 ¤xc3 8.bxc3 dxc4 9.¥xc4 b6 10.£f3 c6 11.¤e2 ¥b7 12.O-O O-O 13.a4 c5 14.£g3 ¤c6 15.¤f4 ¦ac8 16.¥a2 ¦fd8 17.¦fe1 ¤a5 18.¦ad1 ¥c6 19.£g4 c4 20.d5 ¥xa4 21.¦d2 e5 22.¤h5 g6 23.d6 £e6 24.£g5 ¢h8 25.¤f6 ¦xd6 26.¦xd6 £xd6 27.¥b1 ¤c6 28.¥f5 ¦d8 29.h4 ¤e7 30.¤e4 £c7 31.£f6+ ¢g8 32.¥e6 fxe6 33.£xe6+ ¢f8 34.¤g5 ¤g8 35.f4 ¦e8 36.fxe5 ¦e7 37.¦f1+ ¢g7 38.h5 ¥e8 39.h6+ ¢h8 40.£d6 £c5 41.£d4 ¦xe5 42.£d7 ¦e7 43.¦f7 ¥xf7

3 Responses to “Queen’s Gambit Declined: Marshall-Capablanca 0-1”

  • Sebastian Wolff, Washington says:

    Just wanna add the chess king game player is super it’s the only one on the web that works on my ipad as well! Gotta use it for my blog. cheers!

  • claire says:

    Extremely instructive game please give some scotch games thanks

  • Shekharan P, Chennai says:

    Very tough to squeeze a win out there but guess endgame dilution is won fir Black after attack destructs

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