Qatar Chess 2014: Kramnik crushes Giri; both in Joint Lead

The Qatar Chess Masters Open 2014 – the strongest chess open ever – is being held from November 25 to December 5 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Doha, Qatar. There are 92 Grandmasters participating with 56 rated over 2600 and incredible 14 over 2700. Top seed Anish Giri was going full throttle with six wins in six rounds, but former world chess champion beat him in the seventh round. Now both the GMs are in joint lead with two rounds to go. Check out this Round 7 game with Chess King. Photo: Official website

Kramnik, Vladimir (2760) – Giri, Anish (2776)

Result: 1-0
Site: Doha
Date: 2014.12.02
[…] 1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.♘f3 ♘f6 4.♘c3 e6 5.g3 dxc4 6.♗g2 b5 7.♘e5 a6 8.O-O ♗b7 9.b3 cxb3 10.axb3 ♗e7 11.♗b2 O-O 12.♕c2 ♘fd7 13.♘d3 ♕b6 14.♘e4 a5 15.♘dc5 ♗c8 16.♕c3 b4 17.♕e3 ♘a6 18.♖fc1 ♘c7 19.♘xd7 ♗xd7 20.♘c5 ♗e8 21.♖a2 ♕b5 22.♕d3 ♕xd3 23.♘xd3 ♘d5 24.♘e5 ♖a6 25.♗f1 ♘c3 26.♗xc3 bxc3 27.♖xc3 c5 28.dxc5 ♗f6 29.f4 ♗b5 30.♗g2 ♖a7 31.c6 ♗e7 32.♗e4 f6 33.♘f3 ♖d8 34.e3 e5 35.fxe5 fxe5 36.♖c1 a4 37.bxa4

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