Puzzling Chess Queens: White Checkmates in 7 but Queens Restricted to ‘a’ File!

This special chess puzzle is by Florencio Mendes de Moraes. White checkmates in seven moves, but the White Queens cannot go out of the ‘a’ File. It’s very much possible if you get the logic of it. Have fun with chess! Don’t forget to train with Chess King!


Result: 1-0
[…] 1.♕a3

1.♕a4 ♔g8 2.♕a1 ♔f8 3.♕1a2 ♔e8 4.♕2a3 ♔d8 5.♕6a4 ♔c8 6.♕a8+ ♔c7 7.♕4a7#

1…♔g8 2.♕a1 ♔f8 3.♕1a2 ♔e8 4.♕2a3 ♔d8 5.♕6a4 (5.♕3a4 this would be stalemate!) 5…♔c8 6.♕a8+ ♔c7 7.♕4a7#

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