All 4 versions are complete chess software programs, multilingual, Windows-8 compatible, and include all features and GigaKing. The main difference is in the analysis/playing engine. Chess King 4/Pro include the major new release of Houdini 4/Pro. GigaKing in Chess King 4/Pro is totally fresh up to December 2013.

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Chess King Versions
Name Chess King 2 Chess King 3 Chess King 4 Chess King 4 Pro
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Price $29.95 $49.95 $69.95 $99.95
Release date

2013 2013 2014 2014
Multiprocessor Support
Maximum # of Cores 1 6 6 32
Engine Included Houdini 2 Houdini 3 New! Houdini 4 – major new release New! Houdini 4 Pro – major new release
Speed of Analysis Fast Faster Faster Fastest
Approx. Rating of Engine 3200 3280 3330 3380
Nalimov/Gaviota Support
6-Men Syzygy Support

Classical Play
Random Play
Chess960 Play

GigaKing Database 5 million / to April 2013 5 million / to April 2013 6 million / to December 2013 6 million / to December 2013
Puzzles Over 1500 Over 1500 Over 1500 Over 1500
Quest Games

Over 100 Over 100 Over 100 Over 100
Windows-8 Compatible
Notes: We have great upgrade offers for all users of any prior version of Chess King! Registered owners or buyers of Chess King 1 can get a free download upgrade to Chess King 2 (major upgrade – new interface, more functions, Windows 8 compatible, multilingual). If you own any of the previous versions of Chess King and would like to upgrade to Chess King 4 or Chess King 4 Pro, please email us to get a discount for the new version. Give your serial number, location and date of previous purchase and you will get an attractive discount offer by return.