Power Chess Opening Play: Do You Know How to Train?

Most chess players get worried about the fact that their opponent would be using some strong chess engine and would beat them in the opening. But, fear not any more. Powerful chess opening chess play is possible with Chess King Training DVDs – and you don’t even have to worry about learning openings by heart. is pleased to announce 6 new chess DVD’s for all players Unrated to 1500-1700 Elo. The Chess King’s Guide to Opening Ideas will certainly increase your chess opening understanding and erudition, with over 8 hours of video in 93 chapters covering most chess openings. No emphasis on memorization, rather on the ideas one can find in the chess openings. This is an amazing chess openings encyclopedia which will give you confidence next time you are surprised in the opening by a variation you did not expect.

The series are easy to follow thanks to the masterful presentation by Steve Lopez and features 12th Women’s World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk. They just started shipping on November 5, 2012. Super discounts are available at the Chess King shop!

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