Pawn-Attack Chess Puzzle: Tal – Koblenc 1-0

Here is a cool position played by Mikhail Tal as white in 1976. White has that nice pawn on g6, but what about it? How did the legendary chess Grandmaster from Latvia handle this position?

Tal – Koblenc

Result: 1-0
Site: USSR
Date: 1976
[…] 1.f6 ♖xe2 (1…gxf6 2.g7 ♖g2 3.♗g5 ♖xg5 4.♕xg5 ♕xe2 5.♕g1)

1…♗xf6 2.gxf7 (2.♕xd6+ ♕c7 3.♗f4) 2…♗xf7 3.♕xd6+ ♕c7 4.♕xc7+ ♔xc7 5.♗f4+ e5 6.♗xh2

2.fxg7 ♖xd2 3.♗xd2 that pawn on g7 is a killer 3…♕e2 4.♔c1

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