Paris Chess Grand Prix 2013 Round 1: Boris Gelfand – Anish Giri 1-0

The Paris Chess Grand Prix event has begun. The first round had exciting games even though only one proved to be decisive. Here is the game Boris Gelfand – Anish Giri 1-0. It was a Slav with 4.e3. Anish Giri went for an exchange sacrifice, but failed to earn the compensation that should have come in. Boris Gelfand has enough experience to pull in a victory from such situations and he followed suitably. Replay the game with Chess King. Commenting for the official website of the Paris Chess Grand Prix, WGM Alina l’Ami wrote: In the game 28…Qd8 was played but 28…Qc5 is perhaps better, preventing the regrouping Bf1, and later on it was essential to play g5 in order to stop f4 and h4. Gelfand then confidently pressed to a win. In their previous encounters, Giri had scored two full points with the same colour of today’s round: Black! Maybe the Dutch should have remained faithful to his Dutch opening from Beijing.

Gelfand, Boris (ISR) – Giri, Anish (NED)

Result: 1-0
Site: Paris
Date: 2013.09.22

[…] 1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.♘f3 ♘f6 4.e3 ♗f5 5.♘c3 e6 6.♘h4 ♗e4 7.f3 ♗g6 8.♕b3 ♕c7 9.♗d2 ♗e7 10.g3 O-O 11.♖c1 ♕d7 12.♘xg6 hxg6 13.♗h3 dxc4 14.♕xc4 ♖d8 15.b4 a5 16.b5 ♗b4 17.bxc6 bxc6 18.♘a4 ♕e7 19.♖c2 ♘bd7 20.♔f2 ♘d5 21.♗c1 ♖ab8 22.e4 ♘5b6 23.♘xb6 ♘xb6 24.♕a6 ♖xd4 25.♗e3 c5

25…♕d7 26.♗f1 c5 27.♗xd4 cxd4 28.♗b5 ♕d6 29.♖c6 ♕d8 30.♖hc1 ♗c3 31.♗d3 ♘d7 32.♖b1 ♗b4 (0:00:07) 25.Be3
25…♕d8 26.♗xd4 ♕xd4+ 27.♔g2 c5 28.♖b1 c4 29.a3 ♕d3 30.♖bb2 ♗xa3 31.♖d2 ♕c3 32.♕a7 ♗d6 33.♖a2 ♘c8 34.♕xa5 ♕f6 35.f4 c3 (0:00:07) 25.Be3

26.♗xd4 cxd4 27.♖hc1 ♗c3 28.♖b1 ♕d8 29.♗f1 ♘d7 30.♖xb8 ♕xb8 31.♕b5 ♕c7 32.♗d3 ♘e5 33.♔e2 ♔h7 34.♖c1 ♕d6 35.♖b1 ♗b4 36.♖c1 ♗c3 37.♖b1 ♗b4 38.f4 ♘d7

38…♘xd3 39.♕xd3 e5 40.fxe5 ♕xe5 41.♔f3 f5 42.♖b2 ♕c5 43.♖e2 ♗c3 44.♔g2 ♕c6 45.♕f3 ♕f6 46.exf5 gxf5 (0:00:05) 38.f4
38…♘g4 39.h3 ♘e3 40.♖c1 e5 41.♕e8 exf4 42.♖c6 ♕f8 43.♕xf8 ♗xf8 44.gxf4 ♘g2 45.f5 ♘f4+ 46.♔d2 gxf5 47.exf5 ♘xh3 48.f6+ ♔g8 49.♖c4 ♘f4 50.♖xd4 ♘xd3 51.♖xd3 gxf6 52.♖g3+ ♔h7 (0:00:08) 38.f4


39.a3 ♗xa3 40.♕xa5 e5 41.♕d5 exf4 42.♕xf7 ♘e5 43.♕xf4 ♕c7 44.♖f1
44.♖d1 ♗e7 45.♔f2
45.♔f1 ♕c5 46.♗e2 ♘c4 47.♗xc4 ♕xc4+ 48.♔g1 d3 49.♖d2 g5 50.♕f5+ g6 (0:00:00) 40…Bb4

45…♗d6 46.♕d2 ♕f7+ 47.♔g2 ♘g4 48.♖f1 ♕e6 49.♔g1 ♘e3 (0:00:04) 40…Bb4

44…♗e7 45.♕d2 ♕b7 46.♔f2 ♕b3 47.♗c2 ♕c4 48.♔g2 (0:00:04) 38…Nd7

39.h4 ♘c5 40.h5 e5
40…♘xd3 41.hxg6+ ♔xg6 42.♔xd3 ♕c7 43.♕c4 ♕d7 44.a3 ♗xa3 45.♕xd4 ♕c6 46.g4 ♕c7 47.f5+ ♔h7 48.♖h1+ ♔g8 49.fxe6 fxe6 (0:00:01) 38…Nd7

41.hxg6+ ♔xg6 42.♖h1 ♕c7 43.♕c4 ♕d7 44.♔f3 ♘xd3 45.♕xd3 f6 46.f5+ ♔f7 47.♕c4+ ♔e7 (0:00:04) 38…Nd7

39…♗c3 40.♖b1 ♗b4 41.h4 e5 42.♕d5 exf4 43.♕xd6 ♗xd6

43…f3+ 44.♔xf3 ♗xd6 45.♖b5 ♗c7 46.♖b7
46.♖d5 ♘e5+ 47.♔e2 ♔h6 48.♖c5 ♘xd3 49.♔xd3 ♗xg3 50.♖xa5 f5 51.exf5 gxf5 52.♖xf5 g6 53.♖f6 ♗xh4 (0:00:02) 42.Qbd5

46…♘e5+ 47.♔e2 ♗d6 48.♖a7 ♗b4 49.a3 ♗c3 50.♖e7 f6 (0:00:02) 41…e5

44.gxf4 ♗xf4 45.♖b5 ♘e5 46.♖xa5 f6 47.a4 g5 48.hxg5 fxg5 49.♖b5 g4 50.a5 g3 51.a6 ♘xd3 52.♔xd3

52.a7 g2 53.♖b1 ♗c1 54.♖xc1 ♘xc1+ 55.♔f2 g1=♖ 56.♔xg1 ♘e2+ 57.♔g2 g5 58.a8=♕ d3 59.♔f2 ♘f4 60.♔e3 ♔g6 61.♕c8 ♔h5 62.♔d2 (0:00:01) 51…Nxd3

52…g2 53.♖b1 ♗b8 54….

54.♖g1 ♔g6 55.♖xg2+ ♔f6 56.♖b2 ♗a7 57.♖b7 ♗c5 58.a7 ♗xa7 59.♖xa7 g6 60.♔xd4 ♔e6 61.♖a6+ ♔f7 62.e5 g5 63.♖f6+ ♔g7 64.♖f5 ♔g6 65.♖xg5+ ♔xg5 66.♔d5 (0:00:01) 51…Nxd3

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