No-Stalemate Chess Puzzle: Can White Promote to Queen?

Here is a quick chess puzzle to cheer you up. White is all set to promote the h-pawn to Queen, but how? 1.h7 Nf7 2.BxNf7 is stalemate. Can you get around that and help White Queen the h-pawn in the simplest way possible? Houdini could give you a 27-move win by going 1.h7 Nf7 2.Bg4 etc. But, if you are not Houdini, could you work out something else that’s much simple for a win for White? šŸ˜‰

Here’s a nice cool way for helping White win.
1.Kg6 and life’s easy! No stalemate, no losing the pawn.

Chess Puzzle

Result: 1-0

[…] 1.h7

(1.¢g6 ¤xe6 (1…¤f7 2.¥xf7 ¢e7 3.h7) 2.h7 ¤f4+ 3.¢h6)

1…¤f7 2.¥g4 ¤h8 3.¥h5 ¤f7 4.¢g6 ¤e5+ 5.¢h6 ¢e7 6.h8=£ ¢e6 7.¢g7 ¢d5 8.£d8+ ¢c5 9.£f8+ ¢d4 10.£f4+ ¢d5 11.£b4 ¢e6 12.£c5 ¢f5 13.¥g6+ ¢f4 14.£d4+ ¢f3 15.£xe5 ¢f2 16.¥d3 ¢f3 17.£g5 ¢f2 18.£f4+ ¢g2 19.¢f6 ¢h1 20.¥e4+ ¢g1 21.£g3+ ¢f1 22.¥d3# (0:01:34) 1.

4 Responses to “No-Stalemate Chess Puzzle: Can White Promote to Queen?”

  • dudeirock says:

    Um that didn’t make any sense. None of the moves by black were forced, and that answer is not far the 27 move houdini combination.

  • Marion Aver, Berlin says:

    Hi my son liked the puzzle maybe dudeirock missed the simple puzzle idea of Kg6

  • Justin Carmen, New Jersey says:

    1.h7 and Nf7 is forced, but White only draws with 2.Kg6 Nh8 3.Kh6 Ke7 because the Knight on h8 is now immortal. Whenever White takes KxNh8 then Black plays Kf8 and it is draw. I think the easiest way to win is the nice 1.Kg6 no calculations required as such.

  • dudeirock says:

    Oops. I’m sorry. I see that any move Black makes after that leads to queening. I played it through. :)

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