New Versions of Chess King Software Announced

Chess King 2 and 3 IntroductionWe’re pleased to announce upgrades to the popular PC chess software Chess King. Check out the new Chess King 2 with Houdini 2, and also Chess King 3 Max and Chess King 3 Pro with Houdini 3/Pro, to give you a range of options that will teach the beginner, help the club player to improve, and will satisfy the Grandmaster with its maximum power.

Chess King 2 and 3 continue with their ease of use style now with a new improved interface and an updated GigaKing database (5 million games to April 2013, free updates all 2013) and full opening tree.

With all those improvements, Chess King 2 is now even more affordable, with the complete program Chess King 2 at only $39.95, and very affordable versions of Chess King with the top-of-the-line Houdini 3 and Houdini 3 Pro. Compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows 8, and in 5 languages, English, French,German, Spanish, and Russian. See below for more info and get your copy or upgrade in our shop. Email us if questions.

8 Responses to “New Versions of Chess King Software Announced”

  • alexis, nz says:

    whoa that’s something exciting for all chess lovers!

  • Theo, London says:

    That’s just great news. Am looking for upgrades to my first CHess King disk. thanks.

  • johan says:

    Cool! I wonder if update keeps working? Otherwise one has to pay again when buying a new computer since one doesn’t have the version on disk.

  • admin says:

    Yes your update in fact is a full version, and since you will own a serial number, you will be able to install on a new computer later on no problem. By the way, you are allowed to install Chess King 2 and 3 onto up to 4 computers (activation of the engine Houdini restriction)

  • S.N. Colombo says:

    congratulations thanks chess king

  • frank says:

    why are the “quest” levels locked? how do i unlock them?

  • admin says:

    The whole point of having a Quest game is to unlock levels one at a time. But we understand that some players would like to solve tough puzzles immediately. There is a trick to skip puzzle levels: right-click on the logo in the top right of the screen and select the level you want. Just don’t tell anyone because they will miss the fun of going one level at a time. By the way, unlocking levels in Chess King is system-wide, so if you win games for example in the random game mode, it can help unlock puzzle levels, even if you have not solved previous levels of puzzles. Enjoy!

  • alexis, nz says:

    woohoo the fun just started with Chess King – love the quest levels – awesome!!!

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