Master-Trap Chess Puzzle: Black Plays for Win

A super position from the game Goldenov – Zakharian, 1960. Black to play. Black’s b-pawn is the death-trap for White whose pawns are choking the King on f3. Can Black come up with a winning plan? Take your time… say at least 5 minutes, and figure out how Black can take home a win with a sure-shot plan.

Goldenov – Zakharian

Result: 0-1
Date: 1960

[…] 1…g4+ 2.♔f4 (2.♔g2 b1=♕+ 3.♖b2 ♖xb2#) 2…♖a5 3.e5 (3.♖h7+ ♔xh7 4.e7 g5#) 3…♖a4+ 4.♖b4 (4.e4 ♖a3 5.♖b3 ♖xb3 6.e7 ♖f3#) 4…b1=♕ 5.e4 ♕c1#

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