Master Chess King Showcase: Find Alekhine’s Idea vs Capablanca

This position came up way back in the 1927 World Chess Championship between the greats Alexander Alekhine and Jose Raul Capablanca. Alekhine has pinned down the Black Rook on c3 against the Black Queen on g7. Surely there has to be a win there. What is the way Alekhine won this? You can see the full game in the Chess King applet below.

Yes, the winning idea is with Kf2 because the immediate Rc1 would fall to RxR check!

Alekhine Alexander A (RUS) – Capablanca Jose Raul (CUB)

Result: 1-0
Site: Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Date: 1927

[…] 1.d4 ¤f6 2.c4 e6 3.¤c3 d5 4.¥g5 ¤bd7 5.e3 ¥e7 6.¤f3 O-O 7.¦c1 c6 8.£c2 a6 9.a3 h6 10.¥h4 ¦e8 11.¦d1 b5 12.cxd5 (12.c5?! e5 13.dxe5 ¤g4 14.¥g3 ¥xc5) 12…cxd5 13.¥d3 ¥b7 14.O-O ¦c8 15.£b1 £a5 (15…¥xa3 16.bxa3 ¦xc3 17.a4) 16.¤e2 ¤b6? 17.¤e5?

(17.¥xf6! ¥xf6Better is17…gxf6 18.¤f4 With attack) 18.b4! £a4 (18…£xa3 19.¥h7+ ¢h8 20.¦d3 £a4 21.¤c3) 19.¦d2 ¤c4 20.¦a2 ¥e7 21.£a1 ¤b6 22.¦b1ќ Alekhin)

17…¤c4 18.¥xf6 ¥xf6 19.¥h7+ ¢f8 20.¤d7+ ¢e7 21.¤c5 £b6?

(21…¦xc5! 22.dxc5 (22.b4 ¤xa3 23.£b3 £a4 24.£xa4 bxa4 25.bxc5 g6µ) 22…¤xb2)

22.¤xb7 £xb7 23.¥d3 ¦c7? (23…¢f8!?) (23…£b6!?) 24.£a2! ¦ec8 25.b3 ¤d6 26.£d2 £b6 27.¦c1 ¢d7 28.¦xc7+ ¦xc7 29.¥b1! ¥e7 30.¤f4 ¢c8 31.£e2 g6 32.¤d3 ¤e4 33.b4 ¦c3 34.£b2 £c7? 35.¤c5! ¥xc5 36.dxc5 £e5 37.f4! £g7 38.¥xe4 dxe4 39.¢f2 (39.¦f2ќ With the idea Rc2) 39…£f6 40.g3 g5 41.¦c1

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