Magic-Move Chess Puzzle: Botvinnik vs Khrisogon Kholodkevich 1-0

This is a neat magic move in the game Botvinnik vs Khrisogon Kholodkevich, Moscow, 1927. White to play and win. Can you see the winning move?

Botvinnik vs Khrisogon Kholodkevich

Result: 1-0
Site: Moscow
Date: 1927
[…] 1.♕e6+ ♕xe6 forced to take cause of check and the b pawn will roll as White just needs to cross the b7 square safely… 2.dxe6 not taking is no help… 2…♔f8 and again… 3.b7 ♗xb7 4.♗xb7

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