Magic-Move Chess Position: Trifunovic-Aaron 1-0

One magic move does it all! Spot the killer move that forces Black to resign immediately in this Trifunovic-Aaron game from Beverwijk, 1962. You can see the answer in the Chess King player below that works on all types of gadgets – from Apple to Android devices – on the planet. Have a super chess Sunday studying chess with Chess King.


Result: 1-0
Site: Beverwijk
Date: 1962

[…] 1.¥g8 Threatening that horrible checkmate on h7

1…¢xg8 (1…£xg8 2.¦xd8 ¦b8 3.¦xg8+) 2.¦xd8 ¦b8 3.¦xf8+ ¦xf8 4.¦d7

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