Magic Chess Move Puzzle: How did White Win?

Here’s a quick look at a nice chess position from the game Krogius – Martiusshov, Soviet Union, 1949. How did White play? What magic move did White play and Black resigned? Have fun solving chess tactics with Chess King’s super program.

Krogius – Martiusshov

Result: 1-0
Site: Soviet Union
Date: 1949
[…] 1.♕c6 The Rook on a8 is attacked and the Queen alone can protect it plus the Bishop on e7 is also attacked by the Knight on f5 and is only protected by the Queen on c7 1…♕xc6 (1…♕d8 2.♘xe7+ ♕xe7 3.♕xa8+) (1…♖d8 2.♕xc7 ♖d1+ 3.♔g2 ♘xc7 4.♘xe7+ ♔f8 5.♘c6) (1…♕b8 2.♘xe7+) (1…♖e8 2.♕xe8+) (1…♖c8 2.♘xe7+ ♕xe7 3.♕xc8+) 2.♘xe7+ ♔f8 3.♘xc6 and White’s piece up along with an extra pawn

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