Magic Chess Move: How Should White Win?

Magic chess moves are a delight. They turn an equal position into a won game by force. Here is a position from the game Minic-Honfi, 1966. What is White’s winning move?


Result: 1-0
Date: 1966

[…] 1.£a7 £xa7 (1…¦xa7 2.¦xd8+ £xd8 3.¦xd8#) (1…¦e8 2.£xc7) (1…¦dc8 2.£xc7 ¦xc7 3.¦d8+ ¦xd8 4.¦xd8#) 2.¦xd8+ ¦xd8 3.¦xd8#In effect the Qa7 is a crazy move – but it is a magic move because Black has to give up their Queen to avoid checkmate. Always watch out for those weak back ranks. :)

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