Looks-Difficult Chess Puzzle: White Checkmates in Two

Quite a position this with Black all set to Queen the b-pawn, but can White checkmate in two? It’s not as difficult as it looks. Check the solution with the Chess King applet in the post and power-up your chess training with Chess King software and DVDs.

Chess Puzzle

Result: 1-0

[…] 1.£b4 b1=¦ (1…¢b1 2.£e1#) (1…¦a3 2.£xb2#)

(1…¦xa4 2.£xb2# (0:00:00) 1…Rxa4)

2.£xb1# (0:00:14) 1.

One Response to “Looks-Difficult Chess Puzzle: White Checkmates in Two”

  • Jason Bourne says:

    Well it looks difficult and is only a bit. Love Chess King puzzles. šŸ˜‰

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