London Chess Grand Prix: What’s Grischuk’s Winning Combination?

What is Black's winning continuation?

The London Chess Grand Prix third round (Report on Chess Blog) saw Alexander Grischuk allow Wang Hao to escape with a draw. Grischuk surprised his opponent by playing the Gruenfeld. In the position on the left, Wang Hao has just played 27.h4. Grischuk replies with 27….Qb5-c5. Don’t forget there is time trouble. But, can you spot the winning combination that Grischuk could have played instead of moving the Queen?

Yes, the answer is Grischuk could have won the game with 27…Rxd1 28.Rxd1 Qe2! The threat of Nc2 is disastrous for White. Black would be piece up. The players had only 10 seconds left on the clock. Here is the full game with the Chess King applet.

Wang Hao – Grischuk Alexander

Result: 1/2-1/2
Site: FIDE Grand Prix
Date: 2012.09.23

[…] 1.d4 ¤f6 2.c4 g6 3.¤c3 d5 4.¤f3 ¥g7 5.£b3 dxc4 6.£xc4 O-O 7.e4 a6 8.£a4 c5 9.dxc5 ¥d7 10.£a3 ¥c6 11.¤d2 a5 12.f3 ¤fd7 13.¤c4 ¥d4 14.¥e3 ¥xe3 15.¤xe3 e6 16.¢f2 £e7 17.¥b5 ¤xc5 18.¦hd1 £g5 19.¥e2 ¤ba6 20.¥xa6 ¤xa6 21.¤e2 ¥b5 22.¤d4 ¤b4 23.¤g4 h5 24.¤e3 ¦fd8 25.¤xb5 £xb5 26.¢g1 ¦ac8 27.h4 £c5

(27…¦xd1+ 28.¦xd1 £e2 29.£xa5 £xe3+ 30.¢h2 £f4+ 31.¢h3 ¤xa2 32.£d2 £xd2 33.¦xd2 ¤b4 34.¦d7 ¦c2 35.g4 hxg4+ 36.fxg4 b5 37.¦b7 ¤d3 38.¦xb5 ¦e2 39.¦b3 ¤e5 40.g5 ¦xe4 41.¢g3 ¦g4+ 42.¢h3 ¢g7 43.¦b7 (0:04:36) 27.h4)

28.¢h2 £e5+ 29.¢h3 £b5 30.¦xd8+ ¦xd8 31.¦d1 ¦xd1 32.¤xd1 £f1 33.¤e3 £h1+ 34.¢g3 £e1+ 35.¢h3 b6 36.£b3 £e2 37.£c3 ¤d3 38.£c8+ ¢g7 39.£c3+ ¢h7 40.£f6 ¢g8 41.£d8+ ¢h7 42.£f6 ¢g8 43.£d8+ ¢h7

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