London Chess Classic 2012 R3: Vladimir Kramnik – Magnus Carlsen 1/2-1/2

Overnight leaders Vladimir Kramnik and Magnus Carlsen were pitted against each other in the third round at the 2012 London Chess Classic on Monday evening. This was another pawn-story as Kramnik failed to capitalize on his extra pawn. In fact, there was no clear way how that pawn could roll to a win for the former world chess champion. Replay the clever chess game in the super Chess King applet.

Kramnik, Vladimir – Carlsen, Magnus

Result: 1/2-1/2
Site: London ENG
Date: 2012.12.03

[…] 1.¤f3 c5 2.c4 ¤c6 3.¤c3 e5 4.g3 g6 5.¥g2 ¥g7 6.O-O ¤ge7 7.a3 a5 8.¤e1 d6 9.¤c2 O-O 10.d3 ¦b8 11.¦b1 ¥e6 12.b4 axb4 13.axb4 cxb4 14.¤xb4 ¤xb4 15.¦xb4 d5 16.cxd5 ¤xd5 17.¤xd5 ¥xd5 18.¦b5 ¥xg2 19.¢xg2 £d7 20.£b3 ¦fc8 21.¥b2 £d6 22.¦b1 ¦c5 23.¦b6 ¦c6 24.¦xb7 ¦xb7 25.£xb7 ¦b6 26.£c8+ £f8 27.£d7 h5 28.e4 £d6 29.£e8+ £f8 30.£d7 £d6 31.£xd6 ¦xd6 32.¦d1 f5 33.f3 fxe4 34.fxe4 ¦b6 35.¥c3 ¦b3 36.¥a1 ¢f7 37.¢f3 ¢e6 38.h3 ¥h6 39.¢e2 ¥g5 40.¦g1 ¥h6 41.h4 ¢d6 42.¦d1 ¢e6 43.¦f1 ¦b4 44.¦d1 ¦b3 45.¦g1 ¢f6 46.¦h1 ¢e6 47.¦d1 ¢f6 48.d4 ¦e3+ 49.¢f2 ¦xe4 50.dxe5+ ¢f5 51.¦d7 ¢g4 52.¦d6 ¥e3+ 53.¢e2 ¥f4+ 54.¢d3 ¦e3+ 55.¢c4 ¥xe5 56.¦xg6+ ¢f3 57.¥xe5 ¦xe5 58.¦g5 ¦e4+ 59.¢d5 ¦g4 60.¢e5 ¢xg3 61.¦xh5 ¦xh4 62.¦xh4 ¢xh4

2 Responses to “London Chess Classic 2012 R3: Vladimir Kramnik – Magnus Carlsen 1/2-1/2”

  • srinivas says:

    this is the second time carlsen has done that draw to kramnik i think it was in london chess classic last year also drawing from position down


    go carlsen – has anyone seen the norwegian press its full of just carlsen 😉

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