London Chess Classic 2012 R2: Judit Polgar – Gawain Jones 1/2-1/2

Judit Polgar was held to a nice draw by Gawain Jones in the second round of the London Chess Classic 2012 on Sunday. Polgar was on the offensive, but Jones was up to the challenge. You can replay the game in Chess King applet below.

Polgar, Judit – Jones, Gawain C B

Result: 1/2-1/2
Site: London ENG
Date: 2012.12.02

[…] 1.e4 c5 2.¤f3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.¤xd4 ¤f6 5.¤c3 g6 6.¥e3 ¥g7 7.f3 ¤c6 8.£d2 O-O 9.¥c4 ¥d7 10.O-O-O ¦c8 11.¥b3 ¤xd4 12.¥xd4 b5 13.¤d5 ¤xd5 14.¥xg7 ¢xg7 15.exd5 a5 16.a3 ¢g8 17.¦he1 b4 18.axb4 axb4 19.£xb4 ¦c5 20.¦d3 £a8 21.¦xe7 £a1+ 22.¢d2 £f1 23.£f4 ¥f5 24.¦c3 ¦a5 25.¦ce3 £xg2+ 26.¦e2 £g1 27.£e3 £a1 28.¦e8 ¦a8 29.¦xf8+ ¦xf8 30.£c3 £g1 31.£e3 £a1 32.£c3 £g1 33.¥a4 £g5+ 34.£e3 £f6 35.c3 ¦b8 36.b3 £h4 37.£e7 £f4+ 38.£e3 £h4 39.¢c1 £h3 40.£f2 ¥d3 41.¦d2 ¥b5 42.¥xb5 ¦xb5 43.b4 £c8 44.¢b2 ¦b8 45.¢b3 £f5 46.£f1 ¦e8 47.£d3 £g5 48.¦a2 h5 49.b5 £g1 50.¦e2 ¦a8 51.¦b2 £a1 52.£d4 £a3+ 53.¢c2 ¦a4 54.£d2 ¦a8 55.b6 £a4+ 56.¢d3 £a1 57.£e2 ¦b8 58.¢c2 £a4+ 59.¢b1 £a5 60.£b5 £xc3 61.b7 £xf3 62.¢a2 ¢h7 63.£c6 £f4 64.h3 £d4 65.¦b6 £d2+ 66.¢b3 £d1+ 67.¢b4 £b1+ 68.¢a5 £a2+ 69.£a4 £xd5+ 70.¢a6 ¦a8+ 71.bxa8=£ £xa8+ 72.¢b5 £d5+ 73.¢a6 £a8+

Draw is inevitable as the White King dare not try escaping the perpetual checks.

One Response to “London Chess Classic 2012 R2: Judit Polgar – Gawain Jones 1/2-1/2”

  • Justin Carmen, New Jersey says:

    at least she drew – aronian has two losses – but what a strong guy he was cool at the press conference

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