London Chess Classic 2012 R1: Jones-Adams 0-1

The all-British encounter in the first round at the London Chess Classic 2012 was between Gawain Jones and Michael Adams. The endgame saw Adams stay patient and pick up extra pawns leaving White material down and forcing a resignation. Watch the game in the Chess King applet.

Jones, Gawain C B – Adams, Michael

Result: 0-1
Site: London ENG
Date: 2012.12.01

[…] 1.d4 ¤f6 2.c4 e6 3.¤c3 ¥b4 4.e3 O-O 5.¤ge2 d5 6.a3 ¥d6 7.c5 ¥e7 8.b4 b6 9.¤f4 c6 10.¥e2 ¤bd7 11.¥b2 £c7 12.O-O bxc5 13.bxc5 e5 14.¤d3 e4 15.¤f4 ¦e8 16.¦b1 ¤f8 17.f3 exf3 18.gxf3 ¥d8 19.¥c1 ¤g6 20.¤xg6 hxg6 21.¥d3 ¥f5 22.¦f2 £c8 23.¤e2 ¥c7 24.¤g3 ¥xd3 25.£xd3 £h3 26.£f1 £h4 27.£g2 ¦ab8 28.¦fb2 ¦xb2 29.¦xb2 ¦b8 30.¦xb8+ ¥xb8 31.¥d2 ¥c7 32.¥e1 ¤h7 33.¢f1 £f6 34.£e2 ¤g5 35.f4 ¤e6 36.¢g1 £e7 37.¢f1 ¥d8 38.£a6 £d7 39.¢e2 ¥h4 40.¢d2 ¤f8 41.¤e2 ¥xe1+ 42.¢xe1 ¤h7 43.¢d2 g5 44.¤g3 gxf4 45.exf4 ¤f6 46.f5 £c7 47.¢c2 ¢h7 48.¢b1 ¤g4 49.£f1 ¢g8 50.£e2 ¤f6 51.£a6 ¤g4 52.£e2 ¤f6 53.£a6 ¢f8 54.£d3 £a5 55.£e3 ¢g8 56.¢b2 ¢h7 57.¢c2 £a6 58.h3 £b7 59.£e2 £d7 60.¢d1 ¢g8 61.£e3 a5 62.£f3 £b7 63.¢c2 a4 64.£e3 £b8 65.£f3 ¢f8 66.£e3 ¤e8 67.¢c1 £d8 68.¤e2 £b8 69.¤g3 ¤f6 70.¢c2 £b5 71.¢c1 £c4+ 72.¢b2 £b5+ 73.¢c1 £c4+ 74.¢b2 ¤e4 75.f6 ¤xf6 76.¤f5 £b5+ 77.¢c2 ¤e4 78.h4 £c4+ 79.¢b2 £b5+ 80.¢c2 £c4+ 81.¢b2 £f1 82.¤d6 £g2+ 83.¢c1 £h1+ 84.¢b2 £h2+ 85.¢c1 £h1+ 86.¢b2 £h2+ 87.¢c1 ¤xd6 88.cxd6 £xd6 89.£h3 g6 90.£f3 ¢g7 91.£e3 £f6

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