Killer Chess Move: Black Wins

This beautiful position is from Geller – Ostojic, 1969. Black to play and win with a killer move. Can you spot this chess win? Hint: White’s back rank is weak and Black Rooks could deliver checkmate via f1, but the problem is that the White Queen is pinning one of the Black Rooks on f7 :( On 1…Re4 White can play 2.Qd5. On 1…R4f6 or 1…Kg7, the White Queen retreats to 2.Qe1 or gets away with 2.h3, in which case White can hold the position.

The killer move is 1…Qe4! It attacks the White Queen to free the Rook on f7 from the pin!

Geller – Ostojic

Result: 0-1
Date: 1969

-7.72|d18|55s […] 1…£e4 (0:00:55) 1… (1…¦4f6 2.£e1) (1…¢g7 2.h3) 2.£xe4 (2.£c8+ ¦f8 3.£xf8+ ¦xf8) (2.¦d4 £xe6) (2.¦e3 £xe6) 2……

(2…¦f1+ 3.¦xf1 ¦xf1# (0:00:02) 2.Qxe4)

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