Khanty-Mansiysk Women’s World Chess Championship R3: Antoaneta Stefanova-Monika Socko 1-0

The Women’s World Chess Championship 2012 in Khanty Mansiysk couldn’t get more unpredictable. Seeds and favourites seem to fall with no predictable pattern. Monika Socko came into Round 3 after eliminating Women’s World Chess Champion Hou Yifan, but fell to another former Women’s World Chess Champion, Antoaneta Stefanova. Stefanova has just played 54.Rd5 and Black loses more material and rightfully resigns. Follow all the reports on Chess Blog. Replay the game with Chess King.

Antoaneta Stefanova – Monika Socko

Result: 1-0
Site: Khanty Mansiysk
Date: 18.11.12

[…] 1.d4 e6 2.c4 ¤f6 3.¤c3 ¥b4 4.e3 O-O 5.¥d3 c5 6.¤f3 b6 7.O-O ¥b7 8.¤a4 ¤a6 9.a3 ¥a5 10.d5 exd5 11.cxd5 ¦e8 12.¦b1 £c8 13.b3 ¥xd5 14.¥b2 ¥e4 15.¥xf6 gxf6 16.¥xe4 ¦xe4 17.£d3 £b7 18.¦fd1 b5 19.¤c3 ¥xc3 20.£xc3 £c6 21.£d3 ¦d8 22.b4 c4 23.£d5 ¦ee8 24.£h5 ¤c7 25.¦d4 ¦e4 26.¤g5 fxg5 27.£xg5+ £g6 28.£xg6+ hxg6 29.¦xe4 ¢f8 30.¦d1 d5 31.¦ed4 ¦a8 32.e4 dxe4 33.¦xe4 a5 34.¦e5 axb4 35.axb4 ¤e6 36.¦xb5 c3 37.¢f1 ¦c8 38.¦bd5 ¦c4 39.b5 ¢e7 40.g3 ¤c5 41.¦e1+ ¢f6 42.¦d6+ ¢f5 43.¦c6 c2 44.¦c1 ¢e4 45.b6 ¢d5 46.¦c8 ¦b4 47.¦xc2 ¤e6 48.¦b8 g5 49.h3 ¢e4 50.¢g2 ¢e5 51.¦d2 ¤c5 52.¦c8 ¤e4 53.¦e8+ ¢f5 54.¦d5+

One Response to “Khanty-Mansiysk Women’s World Chess Championship R3: Antoaneta Stefanova-Monika Socko 1-0”

  • alexis cochran, nz says:

    stefanova has chances of making it a double world title but i think zhao xue is playing well

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