Keep-the-Distance Chess Puzzle: Checkmate in Two

A slightly tough chess puzzle for a checkmate in two, but what’s tough when you have set your heart to learning chess the Chess King way! There’s a hint in the headline. Happy solving! White to play. Thanks to Chess King reader Elvina Schenko from Berlin for sending us this puzzle. She says, “I have been solving chess puzzles with the leveling feature in Chess King, and it’s awesome!” Do you have a favorite chess puzzle that you solved with Chess King? Do send it to us with a comment on how much you like studying chess with Chess King!

Chess Puzzle

Result: 1-0

[…] 1.¢a6 ¢b8

(1…¢c6 2.£c2# (0:00:03) 1…Kc6)

2.£h2# (0:00:03) 1.

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