Istanbul Chess Olympiad Round 1 Game Upset: Zambrana-Movsesian 1-0

The Istanbul Chess Olympiad 2012 did not see any major team upsets in the first round as finally the results were corrected on the official website. But, board upsets include this Chess King game pick of the day in the first round where favorites Armenia dropped a game against Bolivia.

Zambrana, Oswaldo – Movsesian, Sergei

Result: 1-0
Site: Istanbul, TUR
Date: Istanbul TUR, 2012.08.28

[…] 1.e4 c5 2.¤f3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.¤xd4 ¤c6 5.¤c3 a6 6.¥e3 ¤f6 7.f4 ¥b4 8.¥d3 e5 9.¤xc6 dxc6 10.f5 h5 11.£f3 ¤g4 12.¥d2 ¥c5 13.h3 ¤f2 14.¦f1 ¤xd3+ 15.cxd3 £h4+ 16.g3 £e7 17.O-O-O b5 18.¢b1 f6 19.¦c1 ¥b7 20.¥e3 ¥d6 21.g4 hxg4 22.£xg4 O-O-O 23.¤d5 £f7 24.¥b6 ¦d7 25.£g1 ¦xh3 26.¦xc6+ ¥xc6 27.¦c1 £h5 28.¦xc6+ ¦c7 29.£c1 ¦h1 30.¥g1 ¦xg1 31.¦xc7+ ¥xc7 32.£xg1 £e2 33.£c1 £xd3+ 34.¢a1 £c4 35.£xc4 bxc4 36.¢b1 ¢d7 37.¢c2 ¥a5 38.¤e3 ¢e7 39.¤xc4 ¥c7 40.b4 ¢f7 41.¢d3 g6 42.fxg6+ ¢xg6 43.¤e3 ¥b6 44.¤f5 ¢g5 45.a4 ¢f4 46.¤e7 ¥d8 47.¤d5+ ¢g5 48.a5 f5 49.b5 fxe4+ 50.¢xe4 axb5 51.a6

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