Istanbul Chess Olympiad R7: GM Eugene Torre Upsets GM Ferenc Berkes

Black has just played 75. ...Kb4 when he could have well played Kb6. Can you win from here?

GM Eugene Torre of the Philippines played an extremely patient game to pull off a nice upset in the seventh round at the Istanbul Chess Olympiad. He beat GM Ferenc Berkes rated more than 200 points above him to help his team draw with Hungary in a crucial match. So important is it to play the King the right way in the endgame. Check out the game in the Chess King applet.

Torre, Eugene (2469) – Berkes, Ferenc (2685)

Result: 1-0
Site: 0:08.51-0:06.31
Date: 2012.09.04

[…] 1.d4 d5 2.¤f3 e6 3.¥f4 ¥d6 4.¥g3 ¤f6 5.¤bd2 b6 6.e3 ¥b7 7.¥b5+ c6 8.¥d3 c5 9.c3 ¤c6 10.O-O O-O 11.¤e5 ¤e7 12.£c2 ¦c8 13.¦ae1 c4 14.¥e2 b5 15.¥h4 ¤e4 16.¥xe7 £xe7 17.f3 ¤xd2 18.£xd2 f6 19.¤g4 e5 20.¥d1 e4 21.f4 b4 22.¤f2 ¦c6 23.¥g4 ¦b8 24.£e2 ¦b6 25.¥f5 g6 26.¥h3 ¥c6 27.¦d1 ¢g7 28.¦d2 a5 29.¤d1 a4 30.f5 g5 31.¥g4 a3 32.bxa3 bxa3 33.g3 h6 34.¢g2 ¥c7 35.¦h1 £d6 36.¥h5 ¥d7 37.¥g6 ¦h8 38.£h5 ¦b1 39.¦f1 £e7 40.¤f2 ¦xf1 41.¢xf1 ¥a4 42.¤d1 ¢f8 43.¢g2 £g7 44.¦f2 ¢e7 45.h4 ¦b8 46.¦f1 g4 47.£xg4 ¦b1 48.¤f2 ¦b2 49.¦a1 £g8 50.¢g1 ¢d7 51.¤h3 h5 52.£xh5 ¥xg3 53.£g4 ¥h2+ 54.¢h1 £b8 55.¥f7 £g3 56.£xg3 ¥xg3 57.¥xd5 ¥b3 58.axb3 a2 59.¦xa2 ¦xa2 60.bxc4 ¦e2 61.h5 ¦xe3 62.h6 ¦e2 63.¢g1 ¦h2 64.h7 ¦xh3 65.¢g2 ¦xh7 66.¢xg3 e3 67.¢f3 ¦h3+ 68.¢e2 ¢c7 69.¥f3 ¢b6 70.¢xe3 ¦g3 71.c5+ ¢b5 72.c6 ¦g7 73.¢d3 ¦a7 74.¥d5 ¦g7 75.c4+ ¢b4 76.¥e6 ¦c7 77.¥d7 ¦a7 78.c5 ¦c7 79.¢e4 ¢c4 80.¥e6+ ¢b4 81.¢d5

One Response to “Istanbul Chess Olympiad R7: GM Eugene Torre Upsets GM Ferenc Berkes”

  • alexis cochran, nz says:

    congrats to GM Torre! It’s always great to see a senior player perform way above his rating.

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